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ABBYY Recognition Server

ABBYY Recognition Server

Ref. AB0004
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ABBYY Recognition Server is the ideal choice for organizations that are looking for an efficient automated OCR server and document capture software. This robust, powerful yet simple server-based OCR solution is designed for mid- to high-volume document processing across large departments and enterprises.

ABBYY Recognition Server is a server-based solution for automating document processing, OCR and PDF conversion in enterprise and service-based environments. By leveraging its scalable architecture, customers can easily deploy document processing projects of any scale with significant time and cost savings.

ABBYY Recognition Server is designed to automatically convert large volumes of paper documents or document images into fully searchable electronic text suitable for business processes such as document archiving, e-discovery, and enterprise search. The product enables automated, unattended document processing which can be centrally managed and accessed from multiple points within the organization or remotely. Recognition Server can also connect with a variety of back-end systems and third-party applications with integration via Scripts, XML tickets, a Web-service API, or a COM-based API. ABBYY intelligent OCR and PDF conversion technology delivers highly accurate document conversion with recognition of up to 190 languages
• Creation of Searchable Archives and Digital Libraries
• Document Capture Front-End For ECM Systems
• Everyday OCR Service
• OCR for Enterprise Search Systems to index all scanned and photographed documents
Supported Input Formats

Supported Output Formats

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Rich Text Format, XML, PDF, PDF/A, HTML, CSV, Plain text, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, ALTO,
FineReader internal format FineReader Engine-compatible
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