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Aspose SharePoint Components

Aspose SharePoint Components

Ref. AS0007
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Convert and preview documents from within SharePoint libraries.
Aspose offers a range of components that help SharePoint users convert word processing files, spreadsheets and slide presentations to PDF or images, add barcodes to lists, save lists to PDF or synchronise and convert emails.
Aspose.Total for SharePoint brings together all components into one package, for optimum value, but you can also buy individual components.

Aspose.Total for SharePoint is a compilation of every SharePoint component offered by Aspose. We compile it on a daily basis to ensure that it contains the most up to date versions of our SharePoint components.

With Aspose.Total for SharePoint you can easily convert and combine documents within your own Microsoft SharePoint applications and support multiple document formats with high fidelity.

Aspose.Total for SharePoint includes the following components.

Aspose.Cells for SharePoint
Aspose.Cells for SharePoint is a flexible spreadsheet manipulation solution that allows developers to convert MS Excel documents within Microsoft SharePoint and support multiple document formats beyond the native supported formats.
Aspose.Cells for SharePoint helps you distribute corporate knowledge by allowing you to convert files held within SharePoint into the formats your users need them in.

Apose.Words for SharePoint
Does your organization have a corporate document depository on Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server’s (MOSS) technologies?
Do you have to use multiple document formats in your internal work process or in your interaction with customers and partners? If so, Aspose.Words for SharePoint will help you distribute corporate knowledge by allowing developers to convert files held within SharePoint into the formats your users need them in.

Aspose.Slides for SharePoint
Apose.Slides for SharePoint allows you to read and convert PowerPoint files in a SharePoint application without using Microsoft PowerPoint. It is aimed at SharePoint developers that need to convert various PowerPoint file formats to PDF, TIFF or XPS formats without losing fidelity.

Aspose.Email for SharePoint
Aspose.Email for SharePoint provides email document conversion and file to email synchronization features within the Microsoft SharePoint document library.

Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint
Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint is an amazing product which provides you the capability to convert list items and wiki pages into Portable Document Format(PDF).

Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint
Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint provides a unique and robust solution to enhance your SharePoint's lists by using this barcoding system.
Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint is a light weight component that supports more than 40 of the most popular barcode symbologies including Linear, Postal and 2D barcodes.
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Aspose.Total for SharePoint supports:
• SharePoint Services 3.0
• SharePoint Foundation 2010
• SharePoint Server 2007 and 2010.
Installation instructions here