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CA Licensing

CA offers three software licensing programs: the Open License Program, the Master License Program & the Government License Program. Maintenance plans are available for upgrade protection & technical support. There is no minimum purchase requirement.

Open License program
CA's Open License programme (OLP) is for businesses of all sizes. OLP reduces the cost of acquiring, deploying & maintaining CA software & services.

CA Master License program
The CA Master License programme (MLP) is designed for large organizations. MLP reduces the cost of evaluating, acquiring, maintaining, upgrading, and managing CA software.

Government License Program
CA's Government License Program (GLP)offers government agencies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations substantial discounts, without the obligation of making volume purchases.
GLP reduces the paperwork & administration normally associated with contractual software licensing programs.

CA Maintenance
CA Maintenance combines no-charge upgrades to new product versions with telephone technical support and provides a means of managing the costs of staying current with the latest software.
The following Maintenance options are available:
  • Value Maintenance. Provides telephone technical support during normal business hours as well as upgrade protection in 1 or 3 year terms.
  • Enterprise Maintenance.
    Offers customers 24x7 telephone-based support with upgrade protection in 1 or 3 year terms, plus unlimited access to CA's SupportConnect website.