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Chaos Group V-Ray for 3ds Max

Chaos Group V-Ray for 3ds Max

Ref. CH0001
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V-Ray for 3ds Max is the core development of Chaos Group, which allows users to quickly and easily create realistic images while giving them full control over the 3D production process.

V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max is a fast rendering solution, which combines the power of the distinguished V-Ray rendering engine with the flexibility and unprecedented speed of the interactive rendering system V-Ray RT, now running on GPUs.

Key Features

The newest update to V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max now delivers a new shader for rendering Fur and Hair and significant GPU enhancements. Check out all the new features in V-Ray 2.0

V-Ray is now available for 3ds Max 2013.

The V-Ray rendering system has a rich set of features. Please be aware that every feature is a subject to change without advance notice. Here are some of the key features of the new V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max.

V-Ray RT GPU Enhancements - incorporate VRayProxy objects, texture-mapped area and mesh lights, Simple Skylight portals, and the VRayBlendMtl into an ultra-fast V-RayRT GPU workflow.

VRayCarPaintMtl - create stunning car paint shaders complete with base, flake and coat layers.

VRayHairMtl - is a new shader, allowing hair and fur to be rendered with unprecedented control, quality, and speed.

Interactive Rendering on CPU & GPU - V-Ray RT is a fully functional interactive rendering engine matching the production renderer results. With GPU acceleration, you can rely on a significantly faster interactive rendering process.

VRayLightSelect Render Element - become a master of lighting with the new VrayLightSelect feature and extract the contribution of each light to the scene or compose all the lights back together and change their intensity in real time in any compositing software.

VRayMultiSubTex - use this V-Ray specific texture to assign different textures based on object ID.
Chaos Group products are licensed per machine and with one V-Ray for 3ds Max license you can start and use V-Ray GUI and tools inside one 3ds Max platform, start one local render job, start Network rendering with unlimited render slaves using “3dsmaxcmd.exe” or job manager like Backburner, start up to 10 slaves for Distributed rendering using V-Ray DR spawner.

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Chaos Group Educational Policy is designed to meet the various educational needs of both the institutions and students at a preferable price. An educational institution, or a student/staff member at the institution, may use our Educational licenses for educational purposes only and not for commercial for-profit work, transfer, or resale.

V-Ray 2.0 Educational Upgrade Pricing is applicable to all licenses purchased before 1st January 2010.
System requirements

• A computer with 3ds Max 9/3ds Max Design 9 or later (32- or 64- bit versions) or Autodesk VIZ 2008;
• Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 32 or 64-bit versions (64-bit is recommended);
• Intel Pentium IV or compatible processor with SSE2 support (dual Pentium IV or AMD Opteron or later recommended);
• 128 MB RAM and 350 MB swap minimum - recommended 4 GB or more RAM, 4 GB or more swap file.

Supported platforms
• Autodesk® 3ds Max® version 9.0 or later