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Embarcadero Upgrade Offer

Until 31 December 2012 all earlier version registered developers qualify for upgrade pricing

RAD Studio XE3, Delphi XE3 and C++Builder XE3 are here with new capabilities you've been waiting for. You can save up to 45% off the regular, new user price if you upgrade by 31 December 2012!

Top Reasons to upgrade now…
Support 64-bit - one of the #1 upgrade drivers today is 64-bit - by upgrading your applications to 64-bit you can give your customers more power and capacity while driving more upgrades and sales. XE3 makes 64-bit virtually seamless.

Take advantage of Windows 8 - Microsoft is spending more than $1.5 billion dollars launching Windows 8 and the new UI standard, widely known as "Metro". New Metropolis UI in XE3 makes it fast and easy to create new applications and upgrade existing VCL and FireMonkey Windows applications to the new UI style.

Expand your sales with Mac versions of your applications - Mac OS X is the fastest growing platform today. Win/Mac support is now a critical decision factor in consumer and enterprise software purchases. XE3 makes it easy to migrate your existing VCL based applications to the FireMonkey platform - so you can support both Windows and Mac from the same code base.

Update your data handling to Unicode - the vast majority of data today is in Unicode standard format making data interchange and interoperation far easier - XE3 makes it easy to offer Unicode support to your customer's applications.

Leverage the Cloud - Cloud support is one of the top features users look for in applications today - XE3 makes it easy to integrate popular Cloud services, as well as build applications that can be hosted in cloud infrastructure.

Web and Mobile RAD Bonus with FREE HTML5 Builder - Buy Delphi or C++Builder XE3 and get a free copy of HTML5 Builder! Create mobile apps for iOS, Android and more. Develop visually for the web or mobile and package your apps up to distribute on the popular mobile app stores.

Upgrade to XE3 before 31 December 2012 and get HTML5 Builder FREE

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