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FileMaker Licensing

FileMaker volume licensing is a discount program open to anyone purchasing 5 or more licenses of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced.

How many licenses do I need?
You need one FileMaker Pro license for each computer that needs acess to a shared database. If 10 or more people might open the same database at the same time then you will need FileMaker Server or for additional scalability, get FileMaker Server Advanced. Even if you have less than 10 users, we recommend FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced to securely share your databases over a network or on the web, schedule live backups and get 24/7 availability.

Key Features
  • Discounts. Receive volume discounts off standard prices.
  • Free software upgrades. FileMaker volume licensing includes 1 year of maintenance, a service that gives you a full year of free upgrades and updates. And at the end of the year you can renew your Maintenance at a special, low price. Ask our team about additional 2-year maintenance agreements to further reduce your costs.
  • Makes installation and license management easy. With Volume Licensing you’ll get a single license key for all your licenses of FileMaker Pro. No more tracking and managing a license for each computer.
  • Additional discounts for education and non-profit customers. Please contact us for details.

There are 4 purchase options for Filemaker volume licensing. Our licensing specialists will help you choose the right program for your business.

FileMaker Volume License Agreement

The Volume License (VLA) is the most popular program.

VLA Benefits
  • License only what you require. This is a transactional license program with no signed contracts.
  • Add more licenses at any time. Simply reference your previous license contract to add additional licenses as you need them.
  • Discounts. Discount levels are based on the number of licenses you are purchasing at the time.

FileMaker Site Licence Agreement

The Site License Agreement (SLA) is a great way to give everyone in your organisation access to FileMaker software.

SLA Benefits
  • Easy management. There is no need to track the distribution of licenses in your organisation. Unless your organisation grows by more than 10%, you need only report your licenses once a year.
  • Unlimited deployment. You can use FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced throughout your organisation.
  • Low cost of entry. When FileMaker is in use throughout your organisation, this is more cost effective than the Volume License program.
    A site is defined as a whole company, subsidiary, or standalone entity, which has 25 or more employees or computers, with a unique taxpayer ID number using a combination of FileMaker products across the organisation.

FileMaker Annual Annual Volume Licence And Annual Site License

The annual licensing programmes, namely the Annual Volume License and the Annual Site License, are two budget-friendly ways to get the software you need at a price your organisation can afford.

Annual Volume License (AVLA)
The Annual Volume License (AVLA) program is similar to the Volume License and you make scheduled annual payments of just a third of the standard Volume License price. Just as with the Volume License, the minimum initial order is for 5 licenses.

Annual Site License (ASLA) Program
The Annual Site License (ASLA) program is similar to the Site License program and you make scheduled annual payments of just a third of the standard Site License price. Just as with the Site License, the minimum initial order is for 25 licenses.

Annual Licensing Features
  • Predictable budgeting. Because your annual license is renewable on the same date every year, you can confidently budget.
  • Increased financial flexibility. Keeps your cash and credit lines available for other uses.
  • Free Upgrades. Get free software upgrades during your contract period, making this an affordable way to always have the latest version.

At the end of your annual licensing contract, you have 3 options:
  • Renew annual volume license
  • Buy standard volume licensing
  • De-install software