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IRIS Compressor Pro Windows/Mac

IRIS Compressor Pro Windows/Mac

Ref. IRIS001
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You click, it compresses!
Based on I.R.I.S.’ Intelligent High-Quality Compression technology, IRISCompressor™ is designed to convert standard document images (colour or black & white uncompressed formats, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, image PDF, etc.) into a new colour or black & white PDF document of much smaller size (up to 20 times), fully compliant with any PDF viewer.

Key Features
  • Drastically reduce the size (UP to 20 times smaller) of your images in a single click!
  • Create searchable PDF or XPS files without comprising text resolution and legibility
  • Choose up to 5 different OCR languages from a list of 137 (not simultaneously)
  • Merge up to 25 documents/images into a single compressed PDF
  • Retrieve your compressed documents in a snap thanks to keywords searches.
Box Contents
- Software CD or license number key
- EULA (End-User License Agreement)
- Registration card
- I.R.I.S. products catalogue,
- Discount voucher for next purchase

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