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JetBrains announce two 40% discount offers.

  • 1. For customers with valid upgrade subscription or a subscription that has expired after November 2, 2014, our offer is as follows:
    • 40% discount on subscription plans. The discount is permanent while subscription is uninterrupted.
    • For one annual fee, you will get 2 years from the date your subscription lapsed. This doesn't apply however when switching to an All Products subscription. In this case, the subscription date starts on the date of purchase of the subscription, as this is considered a product switch in addition to a move to subscriptions.
  • 2. For customers with products bought without active upgrade subscription or a subscription that expired before November 2, 2014, our offer is as follows:
    • 40% discount on yearly or monthly subscription plans
    • Your subscription will start on your purchase date
The following conditions apply to the existing customer discount:
- The offer has to be redeemed before January 1, 2017
- The offer only applies to switching existing licenses to the new model. Purchases for additional users will fall under the standard pricing.
- The initial 40% off is only applicable when staying on the same product. When switching from IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, ReSharper or ReSharper Ultimate to All Products, the initial discount is 20%. Third year onwards it is 40%.

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