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Maintenance & Support

PGP Corporation recently launched new support offerings to better meet the needs of their customers. Customers who purchase a *PGP Universal Server, or product managed by a Universal Server, must choose an **Enterprise Support level for all PGP Product seats. Customers who do not own nor purchase a PGP Universal Server must purchase ***Standard Support for all PGP Products seats. Mixed levels of Standard and Enterprise support are not allowed.

*PGP Universal Server purchases are bundled with Silver Support. Bronze Support is not available with this product.
**Enterprise Support - Silver, Gold,Platinum
***Standard Support - Bronze

Enterprise Support Options
  • PGP Silver Support
  • PGP Gold Support
  • PGP Platnium Support

Standard Support Options
  • PGP Bronze Support
PGP Silver Support
PGP Silver Support provides enhanced accessibility, with round-the-clock 24x5 availability to enhance the organization's operational readiness during the business week. PGP Silver Support provides access to support via direct phone, email, and the web.

PGP Gold Support
PGP Gold Support extends support availability to 24x5 and on weekends for assistance with critical issues. PGP Gold is available as an add-on program to PGP Silver Support. PGP Gold Support also includes direct phone access to our Technical Support Team.

PGP Platinum Support
PGP Platinum Support provides access to the most experienced PGP Support Engineers to prioritize and assist customers. The designated PGP Support Engineer develops a support plan to maximize continuity, reviews the implementation plan, and conducts a regular review of the customer's support activity.

PGP Platinum Support extends availability to 24x5 and on weekends for assistance with critical issues. In the event of a support emergency, the PGP Support Engineer, who already understands the organization's environment, will respond to the request.

Included with PGP Platinum Support are two seats of bundled PGP Technical Training on PGP products.

PGP Bronze Support
PGP Bronze Support provides customers with access to PGP Support Engineers and the PGP Support Site. PGP Support Engineers are available through interactive chat, private forum, and credit card telephone support.