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Netop TeachPad

Netop TeachPad

Ref. NETOP0003
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Get push-button control over classroom computers with the Netop TeachPad, the one-of-a-kind tool that puts essential classroom management features at your fingertips.

The Netop TeachPad™ is the unique hardware device that puts the essential features of Netop classroom management software at your fingertips. Supervise students, demonstrate lessons, control web surfing and blank computer screens with the touch of a button. This one-of-a-kind tool gives teachers push-button control over classroom computers and makes it easy for any educator to teach effectively with technology. Effortlessly engage the whole class and eliminate distractions instantly. There is no easier way to teach with computers.

Demonstrate lessons on-screen
Share your computer screen with the entire class, giving students an engaging, full-screen view of lessons while keyboards and mice are locked to keep the focus on you.

Block Web surfing
Control internet access during class time. Instantly block or allow internet access on all student computers with the touch of a button.

Supervise student computers
Monitor and supervise student computer activity. Instantly view an updated thumbnail snapshot of all student computer screens on your dashboard.

Eliminate distractions
Blank student computer screens and lock keyboards and mice to focus student attention during important discussions and lessons.

Works with Vision and School!
The Netop TeachPad is now compatible with both Netop Vision6 and Netop School6 classroom management software.
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The Netop TeachPad is a hardware accessory that plugs into the USB port on the teacher’s computer and performs the basic functions of classroom management in any classroom where Netop School or Vision is installed. The instructor’s computer must be running Windows XP or Vista, otherwise all standard Netop School or Vision system requirements are the same.

Netop TeachPad technical and system requirements

•Netop Vision6 version 6.1.3 or higher, or Netop School version 6.2 or higher.
•Teacher’s computer runs Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
•Teacher’s computer has a USB port
•Classroom meets standard technical requirements for Vision or School.
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