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PGP Licensing Programs

PGP solutions and volume licence discounts are suitable for Corporate, Government, Educational and Charitable organisations and will reduce your costs when buying in volume and also reduce your licence management overhead.

Micromail is a PGP Authorised Bronze Partner and can offer the full range of PGP Solutions.

Key Benefits
  • Choice.You can purchase a perpetual licence with 1 year of maintenance or you can purchase annually under a subscription licence.
  • Discounts. Both programs offer price breaks at 1-25, 26-100, 101-500 etc.

PGP Subscription Licence
A PGP Subscription License entitles the customer to use the designated PGP software during the subscription period designated on the order, typically 1 year. Customers choosing Subscription Licenses receive the current version of PGP software and all Upgrades and Updates to the licensed software during the subscription period. Subscription Licenses are available for the following products:
  • PGP Desktop Corporate
  • PGP Desktop Professional
  • PGP Desktop Storage
  • PGP Desktop Email
  • PGP Desktop NetShare
  • PGP Command Line
  • PGP Universal Server

PGP Perpetual Licence
A PGP Perpetual License with Software Insurance entitles you to use the designated PGP software indefinitely, plus receive all Upgrades and Updates to the licensed software during the valid Software Insurance period; Software Insurance must be renewed annually. A Perpetual License with Software Insurance is available for new PGP Desktop, PGP Universal Server, and PGP Command Line products.

Maintenance & Support

PGP Corporation recently launched new support offerings to better meet the needs of their customers. Customers who purchase a PGP Universal Server, or product managed by a Universal Server, must choose an Enterprise Support level for all PGP Product seats. Customers who do not own nor purchase a PGP Universal Server must purchase Standard Support for all PGP Products seats.