Get Quark software licences under the Quark License Administrator (QLA).

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Quark License Administrator (QLA)

Quark License Administrator (QLA) allows you to keep access to Quark products in step with the peaks and valleys of your company's changing workflow.

Because business has an ebb and flow, the amount of work changes all the time. During slower times, you don't want to have to pay for more software licenses than you are using. But when business heats up and the demand for software is high, you want to ensure that there is not a moment lost because vital software is not available. That is why it is crucial to have a license management tool that works the way your company works.

Key Benefits
QLA software simplifies the installation and maintenance of a Quark application on multiple computers by giving system administrators complete control over when, where, and how users access Quark products.

QLA also gives you the flexibility to assign a license to an individual computer, a person, or an entire group. If you need to accommodate freelancers, contractors, and employees who work on the road, you can provide them with remote license files so they can use Quark applications from remote sites.

QLA is included when you purchase five or more copies of a Quark application.