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Red Hat Hosting

Red Hat is the leading provider of Enterprise Linux, and have now made their Red Hat Enterprise Linux product available to hosting service providers on a monthly billing basis.

The Red Hat Hosting Program is for traditional hosting companies, providing a one-to-many repeated offering to customers. It provides you with the flexibility to adjust your usage and spending on Red Hat products on a monthly basis. Red Hat has introduced a three-tier Hosting Partner Program to help you accommodate varying demand for your services, maintain flexibility in a dynamic market and align your operating expenditure to your revenue flow. Participation in the higher levels of the Program requires greater commitment from you the Hosting Partner, but this is rewarded with preferential pricing, and other benefits. Contact Micromail for more details.

Why Red Hat?
Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an enterprise platform well-suited for a broad range of applications across the IT infrastructure. The latest release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, represents a new standard for Red Hat by offering greater flexibility, efficiency, and control. It works across a broad range of hardware architectures, hypervisors, and clouds. Corporations and agencies that standardize on Red Hat Enterprise Linux are free to focus on building their businesses, knowing they have a platform that delivers more of what they need

Benefits of Red Hat Hosting Program:
  • Monthly billing – only pay for what is actually used
  • Flexibility – add customers on the fly
  • Free entry into the program
  • Subscription model (not a license model)
  • Fast and easy access to Red Hat products (via pre-loads to Red Hat Network)
  • Reduce operating and capital expenditure

Why choose Micromail?
Micromail is now the Irish partner of choice for Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat and CA to work with Service Providers in Ireland to help you deliver your cloud services to your customers. Having one dedicated hosting reseller who covers the range of vendors cloud offerings will help you streamline your hosted services.

Sign up for Red Hat Hosting:
  • Contact Micromail for further program details and available products
  • New customers must register as a Red Hat Ready Partner
  • Sign a Hosting Program Track Appendix (Micromail will provide this to you)