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Snow License Manager

Snow License Manager

Ref. SN0001
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Take your license management to a new level with built in automation, full integration with any business system and decentralised administration.

Automated upgrade and downgrade intelligence
Snow License Manager automatically calculates your compliance with consideration of your license maintenance program. The system maximises return on investment by intelligently using available licenses on the most expensive version of the software. You can easily trace upgrade path for applications to identify the original license.

Save money with license pools
Snow License Manager automatically re-harvests unused or not installed licenses and creates a license pool for cost saving purposes. Easily manage one global or multiple local license pools for all or parts of your software in all or parts of your organisation. Make sure you never buy an unnecessary license again!

Automatically manage compliance and cost ownership
Ensure legal compliance and allocate software costs internally with Snow License Manager. Automatically allocate licenses to organizations nodes based on actual installations for up to date internal cost control and management, and actively respond to compliance issues.

Combine central control with local administration
Snow License Manager enables central control over compliance with local license administration. Easily create local SAM owners with limited user rights and restrictions to only access information about their organisation node. Ensure users do not waste time looking for relevant content by filtering out all relevant applications.

Full integration with existing business processes and systems
Snow License Management offers an open SDK, fully automated and compatible with any business system e.g. ERP, CMDB, service desk and system management tools. Incorporate Snow's unique data with existing strategic information and processes contributes to a more accurate business decision.

Manage your business critical datacenter and cluster
Snow License Manager includes extensive functionality to enable users to manage their datacenter and cluster configurations, whilst also attaching servers and applications to the datacenter/cluster (DCC) registrations. You can then add license purchases on the DCC level with several new license types, ranging from processor based types to types based on peak count of virtual machines.

Optimize your Oracle investments
Snow License Manager manages your Oracle databases on platforms such as Sun Solaris, HP-UX and IBM AIX. Keep track on server hardware and configuration, database options, management pack usage, virtual instances and named users.

Control licenses in your virtual world
Today you need to manage your use of licenses across a variety of platforms such as Terminal Servers, Application virtualization, server virtualization, all with different dependencies on your license optimization and compliance. Snow License Manager solves these issues by supporting a number of virtualizations solutions such as App-V, hyper-v, VMware, Citrix, Terminal servers.

SAM process enforcer
All processes and routines are dependent on all participants learning, understanding and following instructions and policies. Snow License Manager adapts the internal process and then instructs and helps administrators to comply on a daily basis.
Control the license registration by making specific fields required, creating drop down lists and much more. Snow License Manager allows easy identification of breaches in the process. The system uses ISO 19770 naming convention.

Manage any type of company asset
Snow License Manager's flexible Object Manager will facilitate the management of any company asset. Create custom object types such as monitor or projectors and assign properties depending on object type. Assign objects to agreements for a full fledged asset management.

Manage named users
Snow License Manager alerts you when someone without correct permission uses an application, making it easy for you to remove unwanted installations, avoid potential threats to the legal compliance and enforce your IT-policy.