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SolarWinds Orion Modules - NTA, APM, IPAM, IP SLA

SolarWinds Orion Modules - NTA, APM, IPAM, IP SLA

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Network managers looking for a breath of fresh air need look no further with SolarWinds Orion, a platform for a growing list of add-on modules that cover a spectrum of insightful and useful additions to any network management tool chest.

Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) shows exactly how your network is utilized by external users, from who they are to what they are using it for. Solarwind from Orion brings this advanced application with mapping features that connect with incoming traffic from designated ports, source IPs, destination IPs including protocols, to easily recognizable application names. Orion NTA gives an easily understandable over view of your network’s traffic, pin point issues and ensures that your bandwidth is never abused by shutting down their access.

Orion Application Performance Monitor
When your network requires vigilant monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities to applications and servers, Orion SolarWinds APM is just what you need. Locate your applications at an onset and let them enable you with the visibility you need to into application performance and underlying operating systems and servers they run on.

Orion IP Address Manager
A wind of change blows in to the Orion module with the IP Address Manager. With it comes a powerful, scalable IP address management module that allows not just you, but also your team to create, schedule and share IP space reports. This affordable IP address manager unifies performance monitoring for widespread view of network strength and functioning.

Orion IP SLA Manager
Orion IP SLA Manager provides a powerful network monitoring resolution which identifies site-specific and WAN-related function problems from the view point of each of the user’s remote sites. Utilizing the new Orion module, one can swiftly begin using Cisco® IP SLA technology with automatic IP SLA setup. Orion IP SLA Manager allows you to keep a close eye on your key WAN performance metrics, including Cisco VoIP jitter and MOS.

Orion Management Pack for System Center
The Orion Management Pack brings extensive network visibility to Microsoft System Centre Operations Manager 2007 and Microsoft System Centre Essentials 2007 by obtaining rich network fault and performance data from Orion NPM and presenting it natively within System Centre. Get swift access to and view in depth network summaries and multi-vendor network device details, like specific router throughput. Impeccable integration of detailed network data into System Centre is presented by SolarWind Orion with active application and server information to provide a single all-encompassing view of server, desktop and network infrastructure performance.