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SolarWinds Storage Profiler

SolarWinds Storage Profiler

Ref. s156749
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View the Health of Your Entire Storage Network Through a Single Pane of Glass!Discover how storage performance monitoring coupled with historical trend analysis can help you manage the performance & growth of your storage network & avoid costly outages

Multi-Vendor Storage Performance Monitoring:
In terms of data management, Storage Profiler provides agentless, multi-vendor storage performance monitoring in typical SolarWinds style which means that it’s powerful, easy-to-use, and reasonably priced. This system distinguishes itself from other data storage management solutions which consist of loosely-coupled point solutions. Storage Profiler provides you with a comprehensive view into the health of ALL of your storage devices via a consistent user interface. It can be utilized with Virtual and Server Profiler in order to keep track of your entire IT environment—from applications and logical connections to the actual physical infrastructure.

Storage Management Highlights:
The system amalgamates reporting, storage monitoring, forecasting and alerting across the entire multi-vendor storage stack
It conveys real-time, agentless DAS, SAN, and NAS monitoring and produces policy-based alerts on status and usage capabilities
Storage Profiler supplies thorough storage reporting capabilities across multi-vendor storage environments and instant insight into the health and usage of your SAN array

It automates the gathering and presentation of storage forecasting data and tracks performance over time to identify hot spots, peak hours, and potential outages
Maps applications and logical connections to the physical infrastructure in order to provide a complete view into the performance and usage of your IT infrastructure
Automates the movement or deletion of unwanted files to free-up disk space and reclaim the content of your storage devices

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For the final word in data management look no further than the SolarWind Storage Profiler.
Hardware Minimum Requirements
Server Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008; Linux Redhat or SUSE; Solaris 10
Memory 1 GB
Hard Drive 50 GB

Software Supported
Console Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox