Get Symantec software licences under the Symantec Rewards Program.

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Symantec Rewards Program

Provides mid-sized and large organizations with streamlined procurement, volume-purchase incentives, predictable pricing methodology, and the flexibility of centralized purchasing.

Key Benefits
  • Access. Access to all Symantec security and availability software products, and support and maintenance options.
  • Online convenience. Delivers an automated enrolment application to review and accept program terms and conditions.
  • An easy process. With the option to consolidate maintenance renewal agreements, regardless of the date of initial product purchases.
  • More incentives. Volume purchase incentives and discount eligibility for orders using a simple points system, with rewards increasing in parallel with increased investments.
  • Predictable pricing. Orders are eligible for predictable pricing and volume incentives regardless of the quantity of licences in a given order.
  • Flexibility. Increased flexibility for global accumulation - purchases made by any affiliate (defined as 50% or greater ownership by a parent company) earns points that accumulate and count towards the corporate pricing band within that program territory. The Rewards program also offers the option to aggregate across program territories for regional or global accumulation.

Program Details
The Rewards program offers customers volume-purchase incentives, predictable pricing methodology, regardless of volume, and the added bonus of the ease and flexibility of centralized purchasing.

Symantec Rewards uses a point accumulation process to provide customers with greater discount eligibility as purchases of Symantec products and support accrue. A certain number of points are assigned to each Symantec SKU, and as customers purchase incremental products, they accumulate points (on an annual basis). As the points accumulate, customers can move into more advantageous price bands.

Companies with branches or affiliates (especially if they are located in multiple countries) will appreciate the global purchasing power offered by Symantec Rewards. Purchases under the original customer's SAN, made by any corporate affiliate, in the same country, are qualified to earn points that accumulate and count toward the corporate price band. Affiliates in other countries can create and link SANs with the original customer SAN for even greater points accumulation.

The Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) represents the customer's relationship with Symantec and serves as a single point of reference into the Buying Programs. It links their licences and support services across multiple orders. In the Rewards Program the SAN also enables master/affiliate point accumulation, and aggregates the customer's total investment with Symantec in the way that best meets their needs.