VSPP is a must for any Service Provider delivering hosted services to clients that relies on VMware.

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VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP)

The VMware vCloud Air Network Program (vCAN), still commonly known as VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP), is a cornerstone of VMware’s vCloud initiative. VSPP was designed to help ensure a successful partnership with VMware, through offering benefits such as support and tools through which partners can develop, promote, and sell their VMware-based products, services and solutions.
This program currently includes multiple partners who market themselves as Application Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Co-location, Cloud Providers, DaaS Providers, Disaster Recovery, and Managed Service Providers. Hosted IT services include Web Services, File, Mail, Database, Application, Transaction, Disaster Recovery, Co-location, and other Managed Services.
Learn more about VSPP from Micromail
The VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) allows hosting companies, managed services providers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and cloud-based software-as-a-service businesses to host their solutions over the Internet on the VMware platform.
Why you need VSPP
Any company with a service offering based on VMware software that is delivered over the Internet should sign up to the VSPP program. Commercially purchased VMware vCloud and vSphere products restrict usage in hosting environments so VSPP is a must for any Service Provider delivering hosted services to clients that relies on VMware.
Benefits of VSPP
Monthly pricing for each VSPP product. All prices for the VSPP subscription model products include VMware Production Support. See the Product Use Guide (PDF) for more details. A hosting EULA Amendment which modifies the standard VMware product EULA to provide for limited hosting and rental rights. This amendment will be provided to the Service Provider by Micromail as your chosen VMware Aggregator.
Why choose Micromail?
As Ireland's first Microsoft SPLA reseller/aggregator we have been assisting Irish Service Providers deliver Microsoft applications over the web since 2008. Now as a VMware VSPP Aggregator you can keep all your hosted services reporting through one reliable and experienced software licensing partner in Micromail.

How to join VSPP

1. Enroll in the VMware Partner Network (VPN). (If you are already a VMware Partner, you can cross-enroll on Partner Central.)

2. Two Online Certifications to Complete:3. Declare Service Provider as your Route-to-Market and accept the terms of the VSPP Click-through Agreement.

4. Sign a 12-month contract and Direct Debit mandate with Micromail, the Ireland VMware Authorized VSPP Aggregator.

Reporting Overview
Service Providers must install the vCloud Usage Meter to monitor and report usage to their Aggregator (Micromail) and to the VMware Business Portal. 

Note: Some products not currently supported by VMware vCloud Usage Meter must be manually reported.

VSPP Overview PDF Outlines the program, determining whether VSPP is right for your company
vCAN (VSPP) Program Guide Q4 2014 PDF
VSPP Product Usage Guide Q1 2015 PDF
vCloud Usuage Meter v3.1 Overview PDF
VSPP Business Portal Service Provider FAQ PDF