Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This website is committed to ensuring your privacy and providing a transparent understanding of how cookies are used in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Types of Cookies

We utilise various types of cookies, including functional, analytical, and marketing cookies, to enhance your browsing experience, analyse site traffic, and personalise content.


By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies as described in this policy. You may manage cookie preferences through your browser settings, or the options provided on our website.

Cookie Management

You have the option to accept, decline, or delete cookies through your browser settings. However, note that disabling certain cookies may affect your experience on the site.

Any cookie that is not Strictly Necessary is not active by default and does not send information to the resource it is called from. Accepting all cookies, makes all cookies active. You can modify your cookie preferences for the website at any time by clicking on the ‘Cookie Settings’ button below.

Third-party Cookies

Third-party services or partners may place cookies on our site. We encourage you to review their respective cookie policies for more information.

Data Collected

Cookies may collect anonymised data such as IP addresses, browsing patterns, and preferences. This data is used for analytics purposes and is securely stored and protected.

GDPR Compliance and Data Protection

Our website complies with GDPR regulations regarding the collection, storage, and protection of personal data. We ensure that any personal information collected through cookies is handled in accordance with GDPR requirements.

Policy Updates

This policy is periodically reviewed and may be updated. Any revisions will be reflected with a revised date. We recommend reviewing this policy regularly for any changes