Why the Public Sector needs technology visibility - now more than ever

WEBINAR: Managing and securing technology assets in today’s climate

Why the Public Sector needs technology visibility – now more than ever

21 May 2020 12:00am -

During these uncertain times, IT teams have been working at pace to enable a newly remote workforce to ensure business continuity. Hardware will have been deployed and software quickly spun up to enable effective home working. This has resulted in customers sharing their concerns around being able to count the costs and track implementations, as well as ensuring what they have is secure, particularly in the areas of SaaS.

Many public sector organizations have needed to deploy new software quickly, maybe through accepting free technology offers or using SaaS. Without accurate visibility of these tools and knowledge of which department the procurement originates from, organizations will likely struggle to understand what they should continue to invest in once employees return back to their offices.

In this webinar, our Snow experts and our guest speaker, Jason Francis from NHS Greater Manchester Shared Services, invite you to get ahead of the curve by covering:

  1. Why the visibility of your technology is so important.
  2. Considerations when deploying SaaS applications.
  3. How to track technology assets and optimize spend – now and in the future

Register here to attend the webinar on Thursday, May 21st, at 13.00.