Many Adobe users have received notifications over the past week(s) that claim “Payment is past due” and “(their) membership has expired”. For most users, this is not something that needs to be actioned. The notification relates to a ‘placeholder’ subscription which Adobe assigned to VIP Team Members when they introduced the new Business ID.

This free-of-charge subscription allowed Adobe to migrate user collateral over to the new Business ID, without impact on the end user. The notifications that issued relate to that free-of-charge subscription used and not to the users’ VIP Teams subscription.

Below is an example of this kind of notification:

Note, it is possible that a VIP Agreement has an anniversary date which occurs around the same time that these notifications issued, so there is a chance that a customer has two sets of notifications, one legitimate relating to the VIP Agreement and another which can be ignored. Alternatively, if your organization has both VIP and direct purchases, there is a chance you have legitimate notifications.

The Business ID was introduced by Adobe over the past few months and sees VIP Team customers gain greater control over the assets associated with their Teams subscriptions.

If you have a query on any notification you received, contact us on and we will be happy to qualify it with you.

You can find an overview of the new credential type and an overview of all credential types available here